Thursday, September 22, 2011

Seeing Spots


I have already blogged about my love of spotted fabric here but from looking at my decor file on my computer, it seems that I am seeing spots!  Albert Hinson's Fireworks wallpaper has always been one of my favorites, it ws actually featured once in House Beautiful and twice in Lonny- all for powder rooms.  I have to say, I actually prefer when only half of the wall is wallpapered, as I think a little goes a long way.  Albert Hinson actually used it in his bathroom, and he used it on the whole wall, but I think it was a bit much, in my opinion. The China Seas Rio in Black was featured in an old issue of Domino- I think it is such a fun and unexpected fabric to use on a sofa.  And that table cloth- BANANAS!  It was used last year in Lonny as a New Year's table inspiration - and I must say it is quite festive.  I would love to ring in the New Year at this table!
I know I am a bit behind on the reading game, but a friend from work just gave me Hunger Games.  Have any of you read it and if so what did yo think?  I know that they are making it into a movie with Jennifer Lawrence, but I want to read it before I see the film.
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