Monday, January 30, 2012

Flame Stitch: How much do you dare???

Lately I have been noticing more and more people using flame stitch in their interiors; I'm no designer but I consider it a cross between an ikat and chevron.  Are you digging this pattern and if so, how much would you use in your interiors and your personal fashion?
Baby steps: I love these gift bags from Elum- they are supposed to be luxury gift bags but I would use them in my office to organize all my loose papers.
A little more: I photoshopped a little vignette to show how a little bit of this goes a long way.  Lamps are by Jonathan Adler, buffet is from Pieces, and framed geodes (which were featured on my blog during my trip to High Point Furniture Market) are from Pheromone by Christopher Marley.
Even more: I love these velvet flame stitch chairs that I found on Coco & Kelly's Blog.  Besides looking very comfortable, the pattern creates interest in the room
ALL OUT FLAME STITCH: This is a photo of Mary McDonald's dressing room that I found on The Decorista Blog.  Judging from previous interiors Mary has designed, I know she is not afraid to use a bold pattern- but this might be a little much for me- I tend to be a bit more subdued.  What about you?

Flame stitch in Fashion:  No one does it quite like Missoni, however I have noticed a few other designers dipping their toes into the flame stitch pond- especially in swimwear.  Which one are you?

all-out flamestitch

Friday, January 27, 2012

Valentine's wish list:

Between the months of November-February, There is a lot of gift giving between Seamus and me; we have our anniversary, Christmas, my birthday, his birthday and Valentine's.  By the time February comes around we are both all out of ideas and money!  We have made it a tradition to make Valentine's a low-key holiday; we usually get thai takeout and watch TV and exchange gifts that are in the $20 range.  Here is my V-day wish list (some are in the budget, others are not).  Happy weekend everyone!valentine's wishlist
1. A notepad from Boatman Geller to match the stationary that I just bought.
2. A big bag- I go straight from work to the gym and I need a big enough bag to fit my purse gym clothes and lunch
3. I love these bookends that I stumbled across the other day online.
4. This travel kit from Fresh
5. The Larua Mercier bath products in Creme Brulee- I have loved these bath products for almost ten years!
6. A box of macaroons 
7. My all-time favorite candle -Voluspa in Laguna- just ran out
8. I only need two more Barefoot Contessa cookbooks to complete my set and this is one of them.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Exam Time

Sorry guys, this is all that I have time for today.  I have my Advanced Partnership Tax exam for my LLM coming up and I am stressing!  A quick thank you to everyone who commented/g-chatted me about Monday's post; I was so surprised/delighted that you were so interested in our progress so I will be sure to do more posts like that in the future.
pship exam

Monday, January 23, 2012

Master Bedroom - a teaser:

This past weekend, my mom and stepdad came into town to help us paint our master bedroom and to celebrate all of our January birthdays.  So here are some pictures from the weekend as well as our inspiration board for the room.  I am hoping to do a big reveal soon but for now this will have to do ;) Also guess what I woke up to on Saturday morning??  SNOW!! I was beyond excited- see pictures below.
 Busy painting
Wish I would have put make-up on for this shot!
We painted the room in this gorgeous grey by Sherwin Williams
China Seas in Nitik II: we are going to use this fabric on a chair and pillows for the bed
My mom already gave me a pair of the Bungalow 5 Brigitte Chests for either side of the bed.
Restoration Hardware Shams and duvet in this grey color.

I couldn't† find a picture of the Festoni Lamps or the upholstered Headboard that I am waiting for, I will show those soon.
Snow, finally!  Bojangles did not know what to make of it