Friday, January 27, 2012

Valentine's wish list:

Between the months of November-February, There is a lot of gift giving between Seamus and me; we have our anniversary, Christmas, my birthday, his birthday and Valentine's.  By the time February comes around we are both all out of ideas and money!  We have made it a tradition to make Valentine's a low-key holiday; we usually get thai takeout and watch TV and exchange gifts that are in the $20 range.  Here is my V-day wish list (some are in the budget, others are not).  Happy weekend everyone!valentine's wishlist
1. A notepad from Boatman Geller to match the stationary that I just bought.
2. A big bag- I go straight from work to the gym and I need a big enough bag to fit my purse gym clothes and lunch
3. I love these bookends that I stumbled across the other day online.
4. This travel kit from Fresh
5. The Larua Mercier bath products in Creme Brulee- I have loved these bath products for almost ten years!
6. A box of macaroons 
7. My all-time favorite candle -Voluspa in Laguna- just ran out
8. I only need two more Barefoot Contessa cookbooks to complete my set and this is one of them.

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