Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Send me some snow!

You know what I want?  A snow day!  When Seamus first started talking to me about moving to Baltimore I was really excited for many reasons, one being the weather.  Growing up in North Carolina I always loved the changing of the seasons and my all-time favorite was and still is winter.  Winter means Christmas, New Years, my birthday, Seamus' birthday and snow!    So back to our discussions about moving: I think he felt like he had to sell me on the idea of moving.  He grew up in Baltimore and he wanted me to be just as excited as he was about the possible move.  I let him talk Baltimore up but in my head I was thinking about all of the sites that I had to check out to get some Patagonia and North Face jackets during the after-ski season sale.  I knew that the east and north were experiencing "snowpocalypse" so I thought the crazy snow storms would continue for our first winter here.  Wrong!  We moved here and there have been no snow days.  There were however hurricanes and heat waves.  What??  I thought I left that behind in New Orleans!  Yesterday it flurried a tiny tiny bit but didn't stick.  This morning it was 29 degrees- that seems cold enough for snow??  Please send me some snow!!
snow day

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