Friday, September 30, 2011

One of those days...

This is how I feel except it's 20 rabbits and not two.  I have such a problem with putting so much on my plate and then kicking myself for making things more difficult than they should be;  it seems that I have done it again.  Between studying for my LL.M., working, planning the wedding, working out, and doing domestic things, I am falling into bed every night at midnight and getting up before it's light outside, all the while having spent maybe 30 minutes total with Seamus.  Basically I feel like I am doing tons of things at once but I don't feel like I am doing any of them well.  After thinking for a while, I have decided to drop down to 3 days a week blogging.  But don't fret because what you might miss in quantity I will make up for in quality.  

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Subtly Fierce


I can't believe that it is already Thursday; between working full time, studying for my LL.M., writing this blog and keeping up with my pre-wedding workouts, the time the just flying by!  So, to get your through your Thursday I've posted some eye candy from the new Lonny.  Interior Designer Lisa Sherry's High Point, North Carolina home is fierce without trying to hard.  While the color palette is limited to White, gold, and black her house is so layered and cultivated which keeps the house from looking redundant or too harsh.  I love the mixture of textures and patterns and as the title of the article title implies, there is a sense of humor in the home, which I always love.  Whether it's  zebra border on a mirror or a collage of photos and handmade art on the staircase, this house has some really unexpected touches.  I always love when you look at a room and every time that you come back to it you find something new, and Lisa Sherry has definitely achieved this.  The fact that it is in High Point is even more exciting as I will be there for market with my mom in less than a month!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday's Obsessions

I am probably the only twenty-something who genuinely likes wearing stockings.  The feeling of being constricted or sucked in really does not bother me, I actually quite like it.  Granted, I can't remember the last time that I put on sheer nude hose, but I'm a huge fan of sheer black ones. So thank you Kate Middleton for bringing sheer stockings back, even though I hear that the Queen makes you wear them.  
I am loving the new Fall 2011 Kate Spade Ad Campaign featuring Bryce Dallas Howard.  I think that the whole Kate Spade team is just brilliant.  They consistently crank out such eye-catching and interesting ads.  I also think Howard is so adorable with her fiery-red hair. 
I bought some products from Fresh in Sugar Lychee for our guest bathroom and I can't stop myself form sneaking in there and using the products on me.  Their packing is so pretty and the scent is so warm and subtle.  I love when the whole upstairs smells like it after a shower. 

image 1-34567
Kate Spade Images
Fresh Products

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ikea Kitchens

I was flipping through my new issue of InStyle the other night (I must say what were they thinking with that cover!!  Katy Perry's bright pink hair and the maroon heading does not do the magazine any favors!) and stumbled across Sarah Silverman's West Hollywood pad.  I was really surprised to find that her kitchen was done by Ikea; I always think it is interesting when a celebrity uses a more mainstream brand or product.  While her kitchen is not my style, I have to admit that Ikea has really stepped it up recently, especially in the kitchen department. 
This picture and the next one are from La Dolce Vita blog; the first time I saw it, I never would have guessed that it was designed by Ikea.  I would kill for all of that storage space.
White Kitchen trend per Ikea. 
This once seems so cozy to me
I love the clean lines of this kitchen
I really love the pendant lights in this one and the wood countertop
So industrial, I love it!

image 1, 234567

Monday, September 26, 2011

Navy & Orange

I love this entry way with all of the Hermes boxes; can imagine how much stuff you would have to purchase from Hermes to accumulate this many boxes?!
This living room designed by Diane Bergeron is so stunning - I love how clean and symmetrical the whole room is.
This is such an adorable kid's room; I love how the designer mixed so many patterns: inter-locking circles, horizontal lines, vertical lines.  and that giraffe law, how cute!!!
Such a great idea-  framing the sunburst mirror over the fireplace with the white border.  Also the color of the walls is so bold and refreshing.
This room designed by Ken Fulk Designs as featured in House Beautiful is such a fun room for a little boy.
This picture and the next three were featured on Style at Home and the couple was inspired by the lake, sun and sky in decorating their Lake Simcoe  cottage.  I love the piping details on the upholstered furniture, and that backyard- that is killer!


My obsession with orange and navy started last year when I saw this Jill Rosenwald lamp at Antique Exchange in the Hampden area of Baltimore.  I Love the geometric pattern, it reminds me of the Tory Burch shopping bags.  The navy/orange combo on the stationary by Vera Wang is gorgeous- I think this is going to be my new stationary.  The chevron striped blankets are so adorable and cozy.  I ordered these calling cards from Rock Paper Scissors and I Have received so many compliments on them.  I know that this picture of the chest does not have any navy but I just had to include this awesome tangerine chest from Festoni that I saw last April at High Point Furniture Market.  I am going next month with my mom and I can't wait to check out their showroom. 
image 123456-9

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fashion Friday

I have to apologize, my blog post today is sub-par, but I am absolutely exhausted.  The weather was so dreary this week that it made it feel like time was going by so slow.  We have also been super busy getting the house in order for my mom and step dad who arrive this afternoon.  I was so busy cooking and cleaning that I didn't remember about the post until 11:30 last night.  But not to fret, I will be back in tip top form after this weekend.  So far we have plans to do Pilates on Saturday, Petit Louis Bistro for dinner, and I am sure there will be lots of time spent in the kitchen cooking.  Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Seeing Spots


I have already blogged about my love of spotted fabric here but from looking at my decor file on my computer, it seems that I am seeing spots!  Albert Hinson's Fireworks wallpaper has always been one of my favorites, it ws actually featured once in House Beautiful and twice in Lonny- all for powder rooms.  I have to say, I actually prefer when only half of the wall is wallpapered, as I think a little goes a long way.  Albert Hinson actually used it in his bathroom, and he used it on the whole wall, but I think it was a bit much, in my opinion. The China Seas Rio in Black was featured in an old issue of Domino- I think it is such a fun and unexpected fabric to use on a sofa.  And that table cloth- BANANAS!  It was used last year in Lonny as a New Year's table inspiration - and I must say it is quite festive.  I would love to ring in the New Year at this table!
I know I am a bit behind on the reading game, but a friend from work just gave me Hunger Games.  Have any of you read it and if so what did yo think?  I know that they are making it into a movie with Jennifer Lawrence, but I want to read it before I see the film.
Image 12345

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday's Obsessions


I am absolutely obsessed with this vignette from the home of Laurann Claridge, the Paper City Magazine Features Editor from Houston.  It was featured in the Lonny April 2010 issue and it is still my all-time favorite look for a foyer.  The Biedermeier chest is just stunning  and I love the rock crystal lamp by Carol Schlumberger- apparently is was a gift from her aunt- Lucky Girl!  The Waylande Gregory bowl is the perfect place to put keys; I feel like in the new house Seamus and I are always running up and down the stairs looking for our keys.  Waylande Gregory's ceramic were actually sold sometime last year on Gilt Groupe for a serious discount, I had a beautiful turquoise bowl in my cart but I hesitated too long and lost it.  Darn!


Lately my sweet tooth has been out of control; I can usually wait until the weekend to have my "sweet treat" fix but recently sweets are all that I can think about.  I am craving the macaroons from Sucre, they are so light and sweet and the store is adorable.  My current favorite is the White Chocolate Lavender Macaroon- which we will be using in our wedding- details to come later!


I am a big fan of candles in the bedroom and the bathroom and I am always on a never ending quest to find the perfect scent.  I picked up the Voluspa Laguna travel candle one day and since then it has been my go-to candle.  The scent is subtle and fresh so it does not knock you over when you enter the room.

image of vignette via Lonny. macaroons image,

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Designer Crush


I love how she used patent leather on these chairs, so unexpected and very easy clean-up.
I am currently obsessing over carrera marble subway tiles for a kitchen.
I love the textured wallpaper and the lacquered buffet is so gorgeous.
I never would have thought to put these different fabrics and textures together, but she makes this living room look utterly chic.
The ikat fabric in the breakfast nook is so cheery, and I love the Massimo Vitali print - they sell his print every now and then on One King's Lane, I need to scoop one up!
This light fixture makes such a statement.
Finally, what most of our living rooms really look like with a big flat screen TV; by using the pops of color I really think the focus is taken away from that huge flat screen. 
This is so soothing and peaceful, I am obsessed with the lucite table and the Greek key rug
Another angle of the before-mentioned room.
I spy Osborne & Little wallpaper- a girl after my own heart!
What a fun guest room; again I am loving the bold patterns and the unexpected pop of red on the Greek key patterned sheets.

I currently have a design crush on Palmer Weiss.  Weiss is a Southern girl from Charleston, South Carolina who left the I-Banking world to pursue her dream of interior design.  She now resides in San Francisco and has such a knack for blending California cool with Southern elegance.  I love how she uses classic pieces and updates them with unexpected colors or fabric.  Her interiors are so clean and inviting, but also playful, which is exactly the look I am going for in our new home.  To see the rest of her swoon-worthy work go to

All images via Palmer Weiss

Monday, September 19, 2011

Be Careful


Before I begin, Bojangles and I are both fine and very lucky.  Friday night around 7:15, Bojangles and I went for a run and we were hit by  car.  A lady was stopped at an intersection; she had a red light as we ran across the crosswalk.  Apparently half way through the crosswalk, the light changed to green.  She was not paying attention to us, just saw green and went to make her turn.  At that moment I heard a yelp, turned to look at Bojangles then I was pulled to my knees and turned back around as her front right bumper made contact with the side of my chest.  I immediately jumped up to make sure that Bojangles was OK -he was.  I was very lucky that I only had a few scratches, bruises and a sore shoulder.  The dog and I walked away a bit shaken up but uninjured, however my lulu lemon pants and iPhone did not fare so well.  To all you runners out there I plead for you to pay attention at all times.  If I had just made contact with this woman before I crossed the crosswalk, this accident would have been avoided.  I have since bought a reflective vest, have been forbidden by family members to run at night, and I plan on ordering some bright green clothing from Brooks.  I don't care how crazy florescent I look, that was the most frightening experience ever and it easily could have been much worse.

left outfit and running shoe
outfit 2 and running shoe

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fashion Friday


Since moving, it feels like I have spent every weekend either unpacking, studying for my LL.M. or we have been out of town.  So, after two and a half months I finally have my first free weekend.  I'm not one to sit still, so instead of relaxing and recharging my batteries, I have planned a jam-packed weekend.  Even better, it is supposed to be quite chilly (for me!) this weekend, which means fall clothes.  Seamus was very sweet and surprised me with tickets to the Orioles game for our date night, I am going antiquing with the incredibly creative Meg Fairfax from Pigtown Designs, I have a manicure date with a friend from New Orleans who is doing her residency here, and on Sunday I am checking out the popular Farmer's Market under the JFX.   If money were no object, this is what I would be wearing this weekend.  TGIF!!!