Thursday, September 1, 2011

Asuka Wallpaper

Seamus and I got very lucky with the place that we rented in that it is very neutral: neutral walls, neutral floors, etc. which creates a perfect backdrop to decorate and infuse some personality in our house.  My only real complaint is the guest bathroom; it's painted blue with a blue floral border, which is fine, just not my taste.  So that got me thinking about guest bathrooms and how they are the perfect place to inject some fun and whimsey.   I'm not a huge wallpaper person, I tend to prefer to let the art and the furniture do the talking, but in a small room, like a half bathroom, I think wallpaper really makes the right kind of statement.  Asuka wallpaper by the British Company Osborne & Little is hands down one of my favorite wallpapers.  I love that it is quite neutral but still has a lot of depth with the metallic colors.  I love that the colors change and become more vibrant or more muted depending on where you are standing.  I first saw this wallpaper when i was reading one of my favorite blogs, La Dolce Vita, and she did a post on this house designed by Melissa Warner of the Massucco Warner Miller (images 1, 3, 4).  I think that bedroom is to die for and while the curtains look a bit burnt orange in this photo, they are actually a more coral color which I think is the perfect compliment to the paper.  Of course, spending that kind of money on a house that we are just renting is not that practical right now, but hopefully someday I will have the wallpapered half bath that I have always dreamed of!   

image 1,3,4 image 5 image 2

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  1. What about vinyl wall decals? I'm sure by now you can find a matte wall decal pattern that you could put on the wall and then simply peel off when you leave.