Friday, September 2, 2011

Fashion Friday


I know, this is very out of character for me, but I really think that Kourtney Kasdashian has picked up her fashion game.  I thought for the most part her clothes were really well put together on their NYC show (guilty pleasure- don't judge!).  I saw this picture of her one day while perusing USweekly or another similarly reputable news source and I thought her Chanel riding boots were so cute.  I don't know if it's because I was an equestrian in my youth, but I adore riding boots and I also love that equestrian-chic has made a comeback (if only my jodhpurs from when I was 10 still fit!!).  So for your fashion Friday I have delivered 5 two-toned riding boots to choose from with the ones from Aigle and Ralph Lauren tied for first in my opinion.  Excuse me, I'm off to find my black velvet helmut.  

1. Ciao Bella "Tori"
2. Aigle
3. Ralph Lauren "Selina"
4. Stuart Weitzman
5. Dian von Furstenburg

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