Monday, September 19, 2011

Be Careful


Before I begin, Bojangles and I are both fine and very lucky.  Friday night around 7:15, Bojangles and I went for a run and we were hit by  car.  A lady was stopped at an intersection; she had a red light as we ran across the crosswalk.  Apparently half way through the crosswalk, the light changed to green.  She was not paying attention to us, just saw green and went to make her turn.  At that moment I heard a yelp, turned to look at Bojangles then I was pulled to my knees and turned back around as her front right bumper made contact with the side of my chest.  I immediately jumped up to make sure that Bojangles was OK -he was.  I was very lucky that I only had a few scratches, bruises and a sore shoulder.  The dog and I walked away a bit shaken up but uninjured, however my lulu lemon pants and iPhone did not fare so well.  To all you runners out there I plead for you to pay attention at all times.  If I had just made contact with this woman before I crossed the crosswalk, this accident would have been avoided.  I have since bought a reflective vest, have been forbidden by family members to run at night, and I plan on ordering some bright green clothing from Brooks.  I don't care how crazy florescent I look, that was the most frightening experience ever and it easily could have been much worse.

left outfit and running shoe
outfit 2 and running shoe

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