Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday's Obsessions


I've decided to start a new series, "Wednesday's Obsessions" to talk about things that I am obsessing over but really aren't worth a whole post individually.  First up is Latisse.  My cousin, Dr. Sarah Jackson, an amazing Dermatologist in NOLA gave me Latisee to try as an alternative to false eyelashes.  I really want fuller looking eyelashes for the wedding, but every time that I tried false ones on, Seamus just looked at my face and said, "Something looks weird..." (not exactly the response that I am looking for when deciding on possible wedding day makeup!)  So, she gave me Latisse and my eyelashes are crazy long!  Every without mascara on they look super long.  Very obsessed.
image 1image 2


Obsession number two brings us to some Essie nail colors.  I know what you are thinking: these are the same colors.  Wrong!  When Sugar Daddy is layered on top of Spaghetti Strap, you end up with the most perfect shade of pale pink.  Not too bubble gum, nor too pale, nor to white.

Obsession three: MUDROOMS!  After a particularly wet weekend (Thanks Irene!) I feel like I have spent the last couple days cleaning up the muddy dog paw marks that appear every time that Bojangles goes out.  In my dream home I will have a mudroom where I can hose everyone (Bojangles and Seamus included!) down before they enter the pristine house.   (image 1 image 2 image 3)

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  1. Two things:

    1. Mudrooms are very Maryland. Katie's parents have a beautiful mudroom. It makes me want to move to the country, wear Burberry, and buy a springer spaniel.

    2. I just bought Essie color Muchi, Muchi. It may be a little bubble gun colored.