Thursday, August 18, 2011

If your stationary could talk....

I have three guilty pleasures in my life: Fresh flowers (favorites include peonies, white oriental lilies and tulips), speciality grocery stores, and stationary.  According to Peggy Post, the great-granddaughter-in-law of Emily Post, "You can tell who someone is by their stationery -- it's really like someone's wardrobe."  So if your stationary were to talk what would it say about you?  Are you a sophisticate?  A fashionista?  A hipster?  Elegant? So I thought it would be fun to match up some of my favorites stationaries with a pair of shoes and a celebrity counterpart:

The Boss:  She is confident, assertive, and ambitious.  She can walk faster than you in these heels, so try to keep up.  Her stationary doesn't need her name on it because it's her trademark.  As soon as you open this letter with the John Derian lettering on the Dempsy & Carroll stationary, you know that it's from someone very important.  The celebrity counterpart: Miranda from The Devil Wears Prada.


The preppy housewife:  She is pretty, appropriate, and fun.  She is the hostess with the mostest, always waiting at the door to greet her guests with her signature Martini.  Never one to be out of control, she will slowly sip her drink all night.  She cooks in sparkly heels and responds, "What?  This old thing?" when you compliment her dress.  Her stationary is as preppy and adorable as she is - and don't be surprised if you find a thank you note in your mailbox before you even get home.  The celebrity counterpart: Charlotte from Sex and the City.



The Hipster:  She is trendy, independent, and eclectic.  She knows about all of the coolest music, underground bars, and new chefs way before anyone else.  She has perfected the look of not trying to hard.  She rides around town on her bike and looks forward to the farmers market every Sunday.  She loves to wear her Missoni flats with her boyfriend's jeans, rolled up with a perfect white v-neck shirt.  With her hair up in a messy bun and her tortoise rimmed glasses, she is undeniably chic and feminine without even trying.  The celebrity counterpart:  Summer from 500 Days of Summer

The Sophisticate:  She is elegant, graceful, and smart.  She speaks four different languages and has traveled all around the globe.  But you wouldn't know it from her humble nature.  She is kind and generous, basically the girl that we all want to be.  She can pull off a classically tailored outfit like no other but she also loves to let loose and has been know to close down a bar or two.  She wears the same heels as Kate Middleton but she knew about these shoes, "ages ago."  She is the perennial IT girl.  Her stationary is classic and crisp (Vera Wang of course) but with a twist- her grandmother would never combine orange and navy- Gasp!  The celebrity counterpart:  Marge in The Talented Mr. Ripley

The Flirt:  She is flirty (natch!), fashionable, and funny.  She is the girl at the bar who is always surrounded by a gaggle of guys.  Everyone wants to dress her, date her or be her.  She never takes herself too seriously which is evident in her choice of stationary.  While her friends chose flat white cards with a hint of personality, she abandoned the norm and chose the brightest stationary that she could find.  She is always ahead of the curve, especially in her geometric print Tory Burch heels- she was the muse for Tory Burch- didn't you know?  The celebrity counterpart: Serena from Gossip Girl.

The fashionista:  She is confident, well-dressed, and trendy.  She lives by the pages of Harpers Bazaar and thinks that Anna Wintour can do no wrong- it's serious business to look this good!  You will never see her sans make-up, she even wears these killer pink suede Louboutins to walk the dog!  She doesn't follow trends, she makes them!  Her friends always wonder in disbelief how she can be so fashionable all the time.  Pink is her favorite color- but not in a cheesy way- so she naturally would pick stationary like this.  With the pink chevron stripes and the orange, navy and pink color combo, she is way ahead of the stationary curve.  The celebrity counterpart: Olivia on The City.

I know which one I am, what about you?


  1. I'd like to be a little of all of them! I think you need a category for the Blair Waldorf type!

    Great post Natalie! Love the stationary under Sophisticate and Fashionista!

  2. Well, since huge nerd isn't an option, I'm going to have to go with sophisticate for me...Love the blog, friend!!

  3. When you write for Vogue will take me to parties and give me great samples?

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