Friday, August 19, 2011

Get Excited!!!!

That's right!  That Ladurée truck is coming our way!  According to my new issue of Elle Decor, the famous Parisian confectioner is finally opening it's doors Stateside.  Maison Ladurée will open on August 26 at 864 Madison Avenue in Manhattan.  Little fact: When Seamus and I first started dating, I went to France for a Law School trip.  I wanted to bring him back some of the famed macarons as a sweet treat.  I had to wait outside in the freezing December weather for thirty minutes to get my hands on that beautiful pale green box.  Once I finally got back to New Orleans to give them to him, there were a couple missing- what can I say?  I have a sweet tooth!   So in honor of Ladurée and my love for macarons, I am going to attempt to make them this weekend with this recipe.   I will post pictures next week and here is a link to a You Tube "how to" if you would like to try them at home.  Happy weekend everyone!


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