Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gone to the Dogs

Any couple who has combined stuff can tell you that some things just won't work in the new home.  And for us it was the typical issue of merging the bachelorette/bachelor pads into an aesthetically pleasing, cohesive home.  Out with my furniture that was a bit too feminine for his taste.  And for Seamus, it was time to get rid of the things I found too boyish, i.e. the camouflage dog bed.  So I think it's about time that we looked into getting Bojiggy something a little more stylish to sleep on!  Furbish Studios in Raleigh, NC has these incredible dog beds made out of some pretty drool-worthy fabrics.  I even spotted my favorite "Rio" fabric from China Seas on the order form.  Enjoy!


All dog bed pictures are from the Furbish Studio Blog, I Suwannee.

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  1. Sydney NEEDS the round one at the top (white with yellow oval dots). These beds are precious.