Friday, October 21, 2011

Fashion Friday: New York Style

I had such an incredible time in New York last weekend so I want to start off by saying a HUGE thank you to Larissa for letting me stay at her place.  We had such a great time, it was nonstop from the moment my feet hit the streets of NYC to the moment I boarded my train back to Baltimore.  Unfortunately I did not take as many pictures as I wanted; we had a late dinner at Lupa the first night and I think we were all so excited to meet/see one another (and star gaze at Jake Gyllenhal who was at the next table!!!) that none of us took any pictures!  The first night we ended up closing down three places and stayed out till four in the morning!- so unlike me.  But I did capture a good amount of pictures on the second day- unfortunately we were not looking (or feeling our finest).  Also the girls in NY are fierce- the way that they layer colors, textures, patterns etc just left me so intrigued (and feeling quite jealous).  Seamus and I are headed back to NYC in December and I am determined to bring my fiercest clothes.  So for a quick fashion Friday I have included what I wish I had in my closet for a day to night ensemble starting with a beautiful theory blouse.  Hope you enjoy the pictures and the outfits- have a great weekend everyone!  I am headed to High Point Furniture Market with my mother today so expect some great finds this upcoming week!
Central Park
Shoes at Bergdorfs!!!
Waiting for our table to be ready
Afternoon Tea at Bergdorfs
Katie has her sights set on that macaron!
Katie and Larissa
Me and Erin
Outside of Tory Burch on Madison
Loving the orange lacquered walls
Quartz in my fireplace- why didn't I think of that!!???
Erin, Larissa, and Katie at Pastis
Me, Kathleen and Erin
Outside of Pastis
Shopping in Soho (was a bit overwhelmed by the constant flood of people so this is the only picture that I got)