Wednesday, November 16, 2011

If I had this bathroom...


This bathroom designed by David Jimenez featured in House Beautiful is one of my all-time favorite bathrooms.  I love how fresh and bright this room is and the Calacatta Gold marble on the counters and floors  is heaven!  And if you know me then you know that I can never resist white subway time.  Seamus and I don't share a bathroom- never have- the last time I shared a bathroom with a boy was back in the 90's with my brother and that was enough.  I really love having a spot in the house that is just mine where I can relax and unwind and be unabashedly girly.  So, if money were no object this is what I would want my bathroom to look like and I would stock it with all of these amazing things: a cashmere robe to put on while I am getting ready, fuzzy slippers to keep my feet warm and tons of fresh flowers, bath products, beauty products and candles.  What would you stock in your dream bathroom? 


  1. I want that chair in the bathroom! Obsessed!

  2. I know! That Swedish chair is gorg!!