Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Tree Chopping

My apologies for being MIA lately, but this holiday season has been insane!  Last weekend was the first time that we had been home in three weeks.  We spent a great Thanksgiving in Louisiana visiting family and friends and then the following weekend I flew back for a Holiday Tea that my friends and bridesmaids threw in honor of my engagement.   This is the invite that they found on how adorable!!
Since we were finally home this weekend we were able to get our tree!!! I have always loved the idea of cutting down our own tree but in years past we have always picked ours up at Home Depot or Whole Foods.  But since Maryland has amazing Christmas Tree Farms, we took advantage of the opportunity.  We actually went to a farm where Seamus used to to go as a child; it was so cute to start to see his memory being jogged about places that he hadn't been to in 15 years.
Bojanlges was very excited to go to the tree farm and he was also very popular- he loved it!
After searching for about an hour we finally found our perfect tree- a white pine (which apparently doesn't shed needles like Fraser Firs)
Seamus chopping it down- he taught me you have to make a v-cut where you want the tree to fall- so smart!

What a great fiance! 
Doing all of the heavy lifting :)
 The most important part- making sure it gets home in one piece!
He was so tired, finally, it only took an entire day of looking for trees at three different farms!

 If you are in the Baltimore area and you are interested in cutting your own tree we went to Davidson Christmas Tree Farm.


  1. Love that y'all got to chop the tree yourselves! How fun!!

  2. We took a trip up to Highlands, NC our first year to get our tree! It was so fun and memorable. I love the different trees up where you live. Douglass fir, maybe? I like the look of it! Merry Christmas!

  3. Oh how much fun! I love fresh cut Christmas trees!