Friday, December 23, 2011

Last week I mentioned that Seamus and I were going to NYC to visit friends and we had an incredible time.  Thank you so much to Chris and Larissa for being such amazing hosts, we had so much fun and hopefully we can plan another trip soon!
Our 1st stop: Carnegie Deli- I thought the line was going to take forever but I was surprised how fast it moved
our hosts:
Anxiously awaiting the "Woody Allen" Sandwich
Don't worry- Seamus and I split it!
Bergdorf's had awesome window displays: cold!
The tree
Trying to stalk Lily van der Woodsen
recharging at magnolia bakery
I'll take them all!
Seamus found a Beretta store in NYC - basically its like the Bergdorf's of hunting- he seriously asked if we could register there- how cute <3
We went back to the tree for a night shot
Skating in Central Park
Quick stop at FAO Schwartz:
Seamus was trying to take this kid out in foosball- can you believe this limited edition Barbie table costs $24,999!!!!
Lady Gaga's window display at Barneys
The next day we walked the High Line in Chelsea to get to Chelsea Market
Right before our bus left we decided to stop by Times Square to see all of the craziness- 5 minutes was enough for me!
The only thing that I didn't get pictures of was our food- Larissa and Chris took us to some amazing places:
Friday dinner at: Osteria Morini
Saturday Dinner at: abc kitchen 
(which is part of abc home and carpet store- the restaurant was delicious and the decor was amazing)
Brunch on sunday at: Cookshop

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and I will be back on Monday!

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