Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wedding Update

I'm back!  Every weekend for the past six weeks I have either been out of town or we have had house guests.  We have enjoyed spending so much time with friends and family recently but it did not leave much time for blogging.  I thought it might be time for a wedding update.  Seamus and I just got back from New Orleans- we flew there for a couples shower that some of our wedding party threw for us.  We had such a blast and we were so impressed with how amazing the party was!  Two days later, and people are still calling/texting/emailing me to tell me what a great time they had.  As you can imagine being 1,100 miles away from our friends and family can be hard at times, so this party was much needed.  The party lasted two hours and I don't think Seamus nor I stopped talking, drinking, laughing and smiling the whole time:)
So here is a recap of the party.   
My MOH, Laura, remembered these cards that I bought from Rock Paper Scissors
So she thought it would be a great idea to continue the tandem bike theme.  I loved the invites!
They threw the party at Hopper's Carte des Vins an adorable wine shop that just opened on Magazine Street.  I was so busy talking that I did not get a lot of pictures of the food or the store.
Seamus, me, John, Mike and his wife Leslie
Mother of the Bride and Maid of Honor
Seamus' dad, my mom, his mom, Seamus, me and his sister Megan 
I can't believe the girls made this cake!
My sister-in-law Eleanor, my brother Ryan, Seamus, me, Dr. Whelton, Mrs. Whelton, Megan, my step-mom Kim, and my Dad, Albert
This is my friend, Alfred Vichot's parents.  Al is one of our really great friends and he was there the night that we met.  His parents, Alfredo and Dagmar, are so kind, energetic and funny.  They are from Cuba - they can do some serious Salsa dancing!- and my mom had such a great time talking with them.  
More party guests: Stephen, Addison, Cassie and Rowen
The girls came up with this really funny game, Laura asked us questions beforehand and at the party she told everyone the question and the answer.  If you thought i said it, you held up pink lips and if you thought Seamus said it, you held up the silver mustache.  My favorite question?
Laura said, "The question is what temperature do you do your laundry? a. hot/cold b. warm/cold or c. cold/cold?  This person answered, D I don't do my laundry anymore!!"  And of course everyone in unison held up the silver mustache :)
Some of the bridesmaids/hosts
Amanda, Megan, Tracy, me, Laura, Ashley and Eleanor
Seamus' parents and his sister were so cute- they didn't want Seamus to feel left out amidst gifts from Williams Sonoma and the silver store so they gave him a bottle of Scotch :)
We received a bunch of amazing gifts but this one in particular was very clever.  Ashley and Laura came to visit me in Baltimore two weekends ago.  I brought them to my favorite store, TROHV.  Ashley claimed to have purchased something for her mom, but it was actually for us- a set of bar glasses with bicycles on them!

In keeping with the bike theme, we gave the hosts and hostesses frames with a funny picture of the host and either me or Seamus.  I went to TROHV the other day and found this wrapping paper: 

Thank you so much to Laura, Eleanor, Ryan, Amanda, Michael, Tracy, Ashley, Larissa (sorry you could not make it!), Alfred and Megan.  We had such a wonderful time and we are so lucky to have you in our lives.  Thank you all for being a part of our wedding and we are looking forward to the "BIG DAY"


  1. It looks like loads of fun. You look so much like your lovely mum!


  2. That’s great. The invitation card is super adorable. Thanks for the details about the big day. We also attended a bohemian inspired wedding recently. It was just fabulous and I was amazed that it was on a budget. Actually they had got huge discount on the booking of one of the best Chicago wedding venues.