Monday, March 12, 2012

House Update: Dining Room

I think one of the biggest issues for renters, including me, is that you want to nest, but it isn't your forever home.  For instance, in our house, the half bath is the room that needs the most work, I wish I could cover up the blue paint with gorgeous wallpaper from Scalamandre and replace the sink with something like this.  That's the struggle that I aways have and probably will continue to have until we own: wanting to nest and have my house look just right vs. wasting money on a house that I don't own.   Sensing this, my mom and step dad came to the rescue (I know, I know-I have an unfair advantage because she is an awesome designer).  She told me that they had a beautiful light fixture from Circa lighting left over from a house that she was doing; she didn't need it and she thought it would give the dining room a face lift.  And the best part?? Seamus and my step dad put it up themselves!  I was so proud
The floors are pretty and the paint is neutral but the window treatment and the lighting could use an update
I still can't believe that Seamus and my step-dad installed this.  I didn't even get a picture of it, that's how quickly they put it up.

The light fixture she gave me is the Six Light Square Tube Chandelier designed by Sandy Chapman for Circa.  Its so beautiful and practical; when we move I can imagine using it in many different spaces.  
The chairs are by Design Masters are upholstered in this fabric by Thomas Paul.
Vase is by Crate & Barrel

There are still some things that I am working on (window treatment, prints for the walls, armoire for china, etc) but I think we have come a pretty long way since June!

Other images of the Chandelier:

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